Building Trust in Changing Environments

In today’s complex and dynamically changing times, we see that individuals find themselves being challenged on the work, social and personal fronts. This is causing a high degree of stress and anxiety for many. This article focuses on highlighting the possible influences of work environment changes on a professional’s psyche. While a basic concept is presented, it […]

The 5R Personal Assessment Tool – A Thought Trigger for Managers 

A “Reality Check for Self and Others” This 5R “Personal Assessment Tool” (5R-PAT) is a simple instrument designed for self-assessment as well as for assessment of others in your circle of interaction. The questions we need to ask ourselves about the tasks we are doing are given below under the 5R-PAT table. A sample set […]

The MARS Factor for Corporate Managers

“Managing Additional Responsibilities Successfully” (MARS) is relevant to all levels of managers in corporations and large institutions. In the context of promotion or role expansion: (a) Vice President to CEO (b) A Country Head to a Regional Head (c) A CFO given charge of a Purchase function (d) A General Manager, Production, asked to take […]

Permanent Unpredictability: Keep your antennas up!


In today’s world, we are living in a state of unpredictability. This calls for raising the “ALERT & AWARE” bar at the organization and personal level.  The unpredictable scenario started getting prominence when the acronym “VUCA” was formed. Today it has been expanded to “D-VUCAD”. (Disruption, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Diversity). This very apt […]

Restructuring stress? Make the right choice!

Stress Management

In my recent article “Positive Politics in Organizations”, the case of a candidate interaction for a CIO position in a large financial institution generated much interest and many questions. Hence this follow-up mind share. Restructuring Stress on individuals and organizations is on the rise today. This article is to present a perspective on role change […]

Positive Politics in Organizations – The advantage of being Politically Savvy

Positive Politics

In organizations when we are confronted with practical dilemmas and complex conflicts of interests, the solution may not be available in rational arguments. Often two or more alternatives may appear equally attractive. it is in these circumstances that the faculty of judgment or practical wisdom, as Aristotle called it, comes into play. In these situations, […]